Lighthouse Keeper Job Description
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Lighthouse Keeper Job Description

Description of lighthouse keeper Job. Interview with a lighthouse keeper with facts about that outdoor adventure job.

A Lighthouse keeper job description varies from lighthouse to lighthouse, however liking the outdoors along with other points remain similar to know before applying at any light station for employment opportunities. People have often been enthralled with lighthouses because of the magic they seem to have from a distance on foggy days and the allure of the inside light mechanisms as well. These job facts have been acquired from a lighthouse keeper in Oregon.

Lighthouses might be situated on an island, a rock formation in the ocean or at the point of some land jetting out into a body of water depending on where they are located. In California and Washington states as well as others, some lighthouses are on an island. This location requires a boat for transportation of a lighthouse keeper to the mainland for supplies as keepers perform their job and live.

On the rocky Oregon coast, a lighthouse can be perched on rocks in the Pacific Ocean. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse no longer hires keepers; however, the history of that lighthouse and the lighthouse keepers' adventures are part of that lighthouse lore which are told to Oregon lighthouse visitors.

The solitary life of a lighthouse keeper demands the job to include two people who are well suited for the work the lighthouse requires. Those duties include maintenance of the grounds, stocking the gift shop, bookkeeping and greeting the sightseeing public. When the lighthouse has a guest house, a lighthouse keeper prepares those quarters as part of the job.

Quite often the Coast Guard owns and does the hiring for lighthouse keepers performing a deep background check before those jobs are filled. The state and local government agencies are backup for lighthouse keepers who must follow strict requirements while on the job. Carpentry, bookkeeping along with knowledge of general maintenance ground equipment is required. A couple must like adventure to apply as lighthouse keepers since nature is constantly changing like the tides of the ocean. The length of the job will span a week or more depending on what is stated on the job description for that lighthouse.

Knowing the history of the lighthouse is listed on most lighthouse keeper jobs since the keepers tell visiting tourists what is lighthouse lore and facts as well. Opening and securing the entrance gates to the lighthouse grounds is part of the lighthouse keepers job description. Education experience is part of employment processing of lighthouse keepers, but no college is required to have a career for lighthouse keeper jobs. Excellent,personal character references are vital.

Accommodations could include sleeping quarters for the keeper couple or hook up for an RV which is supplied by the lighthouse keepers themselves. Salary for a lighthouse keeper job is minimal if any money at all is offered for this employment opportunity. People have actually had to pay as much as $100 to become lighthouse keepers.

Once approved for one lighthouse keeper job; couples are easily hired for other lighthouse keeper jobs in the future. People who are once employed as a keeper know a lot about a lighthouse keeper job description for future employment opportunities.

Photo: Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon courtesy Vern Waley

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Comments (26)

I didn't realize this was a job much in demand in this modern world. I thought the majority of lighthouse were now automated and unmanned. Interesting article for those willing to take on this role.

Yes, John most all the lights are automated in the lighthouses. There has been such a surge of vadalism the lighthouse keeper is back to protect these beauties.

A very interesting article Roberata. Two questions come to mind after reading this well written and very informative piece. First, why are the lighthouse keepers paid a minimal wage or, even more interesting, have to pay to get the job? The second question is why are the jobs of such duration?

Great article Roberta! I think lighthouses are fascinating and I love the idea that there are still lighthouse keepers still. This is an important job that should be manned by man himself not automated lights.

A very interesting discussion; we have lighthouse near here, called Cordouan Lighthouse, it was decided to put an end to human presence there. It's a pity. The lighthouse keepers do a remarkable job. Well done Roberta! and thank you.

Really interesting article. Lighthouses remind me of my childhood for some reason. Glad that there are still some lighthouse keepers around.

Very nicely written and interesting article. I love lighthouses so I really found this to be an interesting read.

Excellent facts on a lighthouse keeper's job.

To answer your great questions Jerry; lighthouses are often owned by the U.S. Coast Guard, which has a strict budget not always allowing anything above minimum, if any pay to lighthouse keepers. Some lighthouses are owned by the state where they are and then maintained by a group of private individuals labeling themselves "Lighthouse Friends" or similar titles.Those lighthouses maintained by the state with the help of concerned people accept donations. This answers the $100 amount or whatever is designated as a "charge" to the lighthouse keepers.It is with interest in these historic places, people willingly pay this to protect the structure and grounds.Being in the remote places these structures are located; the past lighthouse keepers have been known to be mentally affected after a short duration of lighthouse living. The lighthouses are very cramped living quarters making it a tough place to live for long periods of time.Some lighthouses actually have a career lighthouse keeper who requires a vacation of several days to 2 weeks explaining the duration of the job of a lighthouse keeper.Lighthouse keeper jobs are very deeply sought after even though the pay is little, none or even require a donation from the employees..

Great Job idea! I blogged this!

Thanks for the information on being a lighthouse keeper.

Roberta, this is fascinating. Thanks for providing this information about the position of lighthouse keeper.

Excellent article Roberta.

Great article Roberta! I really enjoyed reading this story about lighthouses. My husband has always been intrigued with them.

They are doing great job.

Lighthouses may seem trivial structures but surely hold a story including people tasked to maintain them. An insightful article about lighthouse keepers and I bet those who prefer to live in solitude will be much interested.

You know I'm a sucker for lighthouses. I'd resonate to living in one!

Wow! Very interesting and nicely done. Thanks for taking the time to research and post facts about the lighthouse keeper's job.

A very interesting article Roberta, enriched with your lovely writing style. I am one of those people that have always associated lighthouses with mystery and adventure, as you described (fog & magic). However, your article has certainly given me a much clearer understanding. Thank you. :-)

You not only gives a great understanding of the responsibilities of a keeper of a lighthouse, but it is easy to begin to see things through your eyes in the great way you have of explaining things. Thanks so much. Truly a great article!

I'm really glad to see that this job is back, it's such a wonderful occupation and I think the lighthouses are lacking when they do not house a person. A wonderful article on a wonderful job :D

great informative article. All the lighthouses in the uk are unmanned now but many in the past were manned by one person for 50+ years, some lighthouse keeper jobs even bacame hereditary. I don't think i'd like to do this job because although i enjoy solitude at times, I also need to be able to move about a lot. excellent articel, thanks for sharing :)

Job descriptions

Je suis très heureux de lire votre article grâce beaucoup pour publier cette info.

Great job explaining all this, voted up!

As a kid, I always thought being a lighthouse keeper would be a great job!

A really interesting read, I don't think it would be a job for me though :-)